Various Artists – White Gospel Bangers Chapter 2 – Idle Cherub LP


15 Heaven Sent Religious Rockers! Chapter 2.

Limited edition of 333 hand numbered albums in Moon Glow White vinyl.

Absolutely brilliant rockabilly that just happens to be about God and Jesus.  The first volume sold out real quick so make sure you get in quick.

Side A

1A – Rev Cager McQueen – Joshua in Battle – McQueen Records

2A – Ernest Carter – Wake me up Sweet Jesus – Harp Records

3A – Evangelist Daniel Atwood – I’m Going to Ride With Jesus – Shadow Records

4A – Bro Charlie Hendrickson – Old Gospel Ship – Spiritual Records

5A – Ralph Trotto – Satisfied- Link Records

6A – Jimmy Murphy – Half a Loaf of Bread – REM

7A – Rev Ernest Martin – When the Wrath of God Comes Down – Martin Records

Side B

1B – Dallas Stamper- I Am – Ark Records

2B – Irene Maynard – Bye & Bye – Songs of the Redeemed

3B – Dallas Alexander- A New World to Come – Baron

4B – The Weems Brothers – Don’t Turn God Away – Big Howdy

5B – The Travlers Quartet – Gods Gonna Cut you Down – Rite Custom

6B – Claude Young – Satan Gotta get Along – Custom

7B – Woodrow Annett – This Old Sinful World – Cabut Recording Co

Bonus Track – Phil Miles – The Lord is Coming Soon – Jewel Records

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