On high-quality 10″ LPs, Bear Family Records® provides an overview of the creative years of this label, which released great rhythm ‘n‘ blues, soul, blues and rock ‘n‘ roll in the early 1960s.

Part 2 with a focus on the label’s soul recordings.

This LP provides rare and rarely offered publications by Jimmy Dotson, Willie Cobbs, Ed Pauling or the ‘5‘ Royales, among others.

The 12-page color folder contains detailed liner notes by Chicago music expert Bill Dahl with photos from the label archives.

Memphis, Tennessee: large urban metropolis on the Mississippi, home of such legendary record companies as Sun, Stax, Hi Records and … Home Of The Blues!

Memphis-based Home of the Blues Records released more than a number of successful singles during its far too short history in the early sixties. Under the direction of Ruben Cherry (owner of a famous record store of the same name on Beale Street, where Elvis and Johnny Cash also shopped) and his aunt Celia G. Camp, HOTB specialized in hard, brass-heavy Memphis R&B, performed by his house band leader , the trumpeter Willie Mitchell, was precisely arranged.

The list of talents consisted of veteran stars (Roy Brown, The ‘5’ Royales) and powerful outsiders, including New Orleans-born Dave Dixon and Charles James, whose rousing interpretation of One Mint Julep for HOTB’s own Zab Logo is one of the countless highlights of the 25cm vinyl LP ‘Soul House’ on Bear Family Records®. Catch That Teardrop from the ‘5’ Royales and the original You Don’t Love Me by Willie Cobbs (later revived by the Allman Brothers) are featured here, as are hard-to-find highlights from Jimmy Dotson, Billy Adams and Bill Yates. The instrumental title track is a glamorous showpiece for the fast-paced guitar skills of Royales guitarist Lowman Pauling.

Side One

Soul House      Ed Pauling & The Exciters

Catch That Teardrop   The ‘5’ Royales

Feel Alright     Jimmy Dotson

Mojo    Billy Yates

You Satisfy     Dave Dixon

Side Two

One Mint Julep           Charles James

Had The Blues (Twist)            Billy Adams

You Don’t Love Me    Willie Cobbs

Hey Hey Pretty Baby Dave Dixon

Please Please Please    The ‘5’ Royales

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