Buzzsaw Joint is a monthly London club night that fuels fans with a high-octane mix of rhythm & blues and rock & roll trash. Buzzsaw boss Fritz has also launched a Mixcloud page, with mixes on the theme of collectors and hunters around the world.
So it was only logical that the whole thing also takes place on vinyl and CD. With Stag-O-Lee, someone quickly found who thought it was a good idea. More volume/cuts to follow.
Get your ears around the wild’n’weird sounds of the extraordinary and inimitable Buzzsaw Joint!

Cut number 9 reveals Double Agent 7’s top-secret tactics. The London-based DJ duo are music festival regulars and have a long-running monthly residency at one of the capital’s hippest bars, where they’ve made Mission 45 the whole DJing 50’s/60’s R&B floor fillers at night. Not to mention their cross-border operations hitting hotspots in Berlin, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Bangkok. They have also released two of their own recordings, “Dopamine Fiend” and “Luxury Kills”, in collaboration with singer Annie Bea, codenamed DA7.
Bravo Team Double Agent 7 Mission Complete!

Limited edition – only 500 copies.

Track listing:
Side A
1. Margaret Lewis – Somethin’s Wrong Baby (RAM) 1961
2. Billy (The Kid) Emerson – I Never Get Enough (Mad) 1962
3. Classie Ballou – Crazy Mambo (Nasco) 1957
4. Gone All Stars Feat. Buddy Lucas – The Gee Gee Walk (Gone) 1958
5. Elroy Peace & Bow Ribbons – Quick Like (Trans-Continental) 1959
6. The Cadillacs – Holy Smoke Baby (Josie) 1958
7. George Young – Can’t Stop Me ( Mercury) 1958
8. Johnny Chef – Can’t Stop Moving (Fire) 1961

Side B
1. The Utopians – Dutch Treat (Imperial) 1962
2. The Shondells – My Love (King) 1962
3. The Electras – Boo Babe (Infinity ) 1962
4. Johnnie & Joe – You Said It And Don’t Forget It (Chess) 1960
5. The Pendletons – Itchy Bon Mash (Rendezvous) 1962
6. The Cleftones – Lover Boy (Gee) 1958
7. Roy Lee Johnson – Black Pepper Will Make You Sneeze (OKeh) 1962
8. Bettye Smith – My Love Is Gone (Imperial) 1961

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