The Desperate series broke the mold for Rock n Roll compilations. No matrix numbers and label licking, instead a mix of wild and crazy from all the corners of Rock n Roll.

1 –Baby Huey & The Babysitters Messin’ With The Kid
2 –Steve Alaimo She’s My Baby
3 –Don Feger Date On The Corner
4 –Clyde Arnold I’ve Got A Baby
5 –The Four Tielman Brothers* Record Hop
6 –Floyd Dakil Combo Dance Franny Dance
7 –Billy Miranda (2) Run Rose
8 –The Rhythmics Comin’ Through
9 –Bracey Everett The Lovers Curse
10 –The New Mason Dixons Back Up
11 –Nat Robertson Country Boy
12 –Howie Casey Twist At The Top
13 –Sly Dell Let Me Tell You ‘Bout It
14 –The Premiers Shawnee
15 –Willie B* Bad Mouthin’
16 –Ray Bourell Bad News
17 –Don Feger Don’t Be Mad
18 –Ricky Allen Cut You A Loose
19 –Johnny Gentry Nineteen Years
20 –Los Crazy Kings Crazy Kings Twist
21 –Bill Friel Fort Lauderdale U.S.A.
22 –Aliminators Let Down
23 –Don Bishop The Crowd From 23rd Avenue
24 –Jack Hammer* Black Widow Spider Woman
25 –Kee Klickers Ricky Boy

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