– A compilation of acoustic vitamins against viruses, germs, depression and hamster buying, made with confidence, sense and love!
– Stay at home and listen to more music! Doc Feelgood’s Rock Therapy is the ideal home remedy!
– We present 30 bop pills from four decades how to defy and prevent diseases. Not only our ears are happy about a whole series of rarities, as music helps to survive crises!
– Of course, besides rarities there is also the non-plus-ultra from this category, the title song by the Johnny Burnette Trio, plus Carl Perkins, Bo Diddley, Louis Jordan, up to the one man band of the legendary Hasil Adkins, Huey ‘Piano’ Smith’s Sinus Blues not to forget!
– Besides good rock ‘n’ roll of the particular category, orchestral recordings are also featured. For example the theme from the TV series ‘Medic’ by Les Baxter, Noro Morales with an extremely rare mambo recording from Colombia. In addition Woody Herman delivers the Doctor Jazz!
– Plus, there are legendary blues and R&B tracks, such as those by Floyd Dixon, Little Willie Littlefield and the legendary Boogie Disease by Doctor Ross, as well as rarities by unknown artists such as Dennis Bell, Joey Nepote, and The Mysterions, who live up to their name. Hits and rarities are combined here. The rarities predominate, many of them for the first time on CD!
– Song-by-song notes by Bill Dahl are included in the richly illustrated 28-page color booklet!

Medical disasters, pandemics and epidemics exist at least as long as living beings inhabit this planet. And since music has been around, songs have been made about diseases and their treatment. One thinks of medieval minnesongs against plague and cholera or the TB Blues, which is about the treacherous tuberculosis and was already sung on the cotton fields of the American South before the first sound carriers could be technically produced.
Today, in the year 2020, we must confront the Corona Virus, which causes fear and anxiety to many. This gave us the idea to musically refer to the medical history with this idiosyncratic compilation and at the same time to encourage. From our own experience we can report: Music is definitely therapy against fear and worries!

01 Rock Therapy –  Johnny Burnette & The Rock’n’Roll Trio
02 Doctor, Doctor – Ben Joe Zeppa & The Hot Notes
03 Call A Doctor – The Crows
04 Achoo-Cha-Cha (Gesundheit) – The Andrews Sisters
05 Doctor Feelgood – Herbert Hunter
06 Quarantine – Dennis Bell
07 Asiatic – Ebe Sneezer & The Epidemics
08 Pills – Bo Diddley
09 Red Cherries – Flyod Dixon
10 Bop Pills – Macy Skipper
11 Boogie Disease – Doctor Ross
12 Boppin’ The Blues – Carl Perkins
13 Doctor, Doctor, Doctor – Joey Nepote with H.B. Barnum Orchestra
14 Doctor Jazz – Woody Herman & his Orchestra
15 Doctor In Love – Richard Allen
16 Rock Doc – Louis Jordan
17 Drinkin’ Hadacol – Little Willie Littlefield
18 Fever – The Knockouts
19 Satellite Fever – Asiatic Flu – Lonnie Miley
20 Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas – Huey ‘Piano’ Smith & The Clowns
21 Medic (from the TV series) – Les Baxter & his Orchestra
22 Vitamina – Noro Morales
23 Operation Blues #2 – Homer ‘Zeke’ Clemons & his Texas Swingbillies
24 D.R. Rock – George Chisholm & The Blue Notes feat. Bert Weedon
25 Diagnosis Neurosis – Their Singing Bodies
26 PSA (Public Service Announcemet) for Mental Halth Association – Tab Hunter
27 Amnesia – The Mysterions
28 Psycho Serenade – Big Jay McNeely & Band with Little Sonny Warner
29 She Said – Hasil Adkins
30 Feelin’ Good – Sonny Burgess & The Pacers


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