– A crazy compilation of songs and instrumentals about the ‘most beautiful trivial thing in the world’: love, sex and its varieties.
– Rare and interesting recordings at a reasonable price in Bear Family’s ‘Destination’ series.
– Erotic-nostalgic is what this album is all about. Back when women were still allowed to be full females and the ideal of beauty was not yet the ‘hunger hook’. Back then, when sex was not talked about but sung about, not to forget the renaissance of burlesque shows.
– Here presented on over 30 musical jewels from three decades.
– Among those two songs about the legendary story of ‘Christine’, by Miss X and her Italian answer Andrea Tosi.
– Also included: a rendezvous of international sex bombs and film divas like Jayne Mansfield, Lizabeth Scott, Ann-Margret, Elke Sommer, April Stevens and Mamie van Doren!
– Plus fabulous instrumentals that orchestrate the scenes in striptease clubs and burlesque shows! Not to forget the harder gaits on the erotic playground.

Hits and rarities are combined here. The rarities predominate, many of them for the first time on CD! Song by song notes by Bill Dahl in the richly illustrated colourful 28-page booklet.

Erotic retrospect into earlier decades. Eroticism and sexuality was officially not an issue in the first decades after the war. But unofficially, behind closed doors, in dark smoky clubs, strip clubs and under the counter, there was a lot going on. Meaning, the people back then did it just as wildly as today, just not so obviously. Of course, this did not pass by the music, and this is exactly what is impressively proven here!

Destination: Desire. Besides the great listening pleasure, this compilation takes you on a journey towards lust. The desire for erotic bar banter – sex bombs with erotic voices make you dream and some songs make you smile. Very rare masters and nostalgic hits alternate. Everyone remembers Teach Me Tiger by April Stevens or the novelty number Love Potion No.9 by the Clovers! Some rare recordings have been released here on CD for the first time. Among them Andrea Tosis La Sorella Di Cristine and Ruth Wallis’ Long-Playing Daddy! There are also plenty of orchestral numbers that convey the wicked atmosphere of equally wicked establishments. Most notably The Stripper by David Rose, plus Cozy Cole, Slim Gaillard and the wonderful version of Fever by Richard Marino & His Orchestra. But the sound of this compilation comes mainly from Hollywood’s international sex symbols: Jayne, Mamie, Lizabeth, Elke, Lola, Ann-Margret – get to the microphone! The CD is accompanied by annotations to each song by the great music journalist Bill Dahl and many photos and illustrations in the 28-page booklet!

01 That Makes It Jane Mansfield
02 Charge It The Playboys
03 I Want A Lip April Stevens
04 Hey! Sister Lucy (What Makes Your Lips So Juicy?) The Treniers
05 Crazy Vibrations The Bikinis
06 Teach Me Tiger April Stevens
07 Delicious Jim Backus & Friend
08 Christine Miss X
09 La Sorella Di Cristine Andrea Tosi
10 Be Not ‘Notty’ (from the film ‘Don’t Bother To Knock’) Elke Sommer
11 Separate The Men From The Boys (from the film ‘Born Reckless’ Mamie van Doren
12 Scratch My Back Lola Dee & Rusty Draper
13 Love Potion No. 9 The Clovers
14 Let Me Entertain You Ann-Margret
15 When Banana Skins Are Falling (I’ll Come Sliding Back To You) Slim Gaillard Sextet
16 Topless Rolls’ Royce & The Wheels
17 Long-Playing Daddy Ruth Wallis
18 A Deep Dark Secret Lizabeth Scott
19 Intoxica The Revels with Barbara Adkins
20 I’m Your Slave The Fiestas
21 Bondage Of Love Bobby Towers
22 The Whip The Frantics
23 Little Girl John & Jackie
24 Bad Cozy Cole & The Love Orchestra
25 Fever Richard Marino & His Orchestra
26 Hall Of Shame Bobbie Bolden
27 Blonde Bombshell Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
28 The Stripper David Rose & His Orchestra
29 S-E-X Miss X
30 Why Don’t You Do Right Pat Morrissey
31 Let’s Do It (Live, Dunes Hotel, Las Vegas, 1961) Jayne Mansfield
32 Outro (spoken word) Jayne Mansfield

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