Modern Don Juan can shake rattle and roll, but when he dances with Miss Molly, his baby’s warning is clear “cool it, baby!” He should remember he’s going steady with Betty or was as she’s told him travel Route 90 and leave town. Betty moves on, she ain’t going for that treatment, and the blue jean bop is all she craves until Shorty walks up says “do you wanna dance” later that night he’s taking her home,

01 Dick Lory – Ballroom Baby
02 Dorsey Burnette – Don’t Let Go
03 Eugene Church – I Ain’t Goin’
04 The Four Seasons – Why Do Fools Fall In Love
05 Bobby Freeman – Do You Wanna Dance
06 The G-Clefs – Zing Zang Zoo
07 The Jewels – The Goin’ Goin’ Goin’
08 Benny Joy – Steady With Betty
09 Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps – Git It
10 The Mints – Night Air
11 Clarence Henry – Little Suzy
12 Clarence ”Bonton” Garlow – Route 90
13 Hank Ballard and The Midnighters – Tore Up Over You
14 Buddy Holly – Modern Don Juan
15 Billy Childs – Call Me Shorty
16 Bobby Milano – Life Begins At 4 O’Clock
17 Werly Fairburn and The Delta Boys – I’m A Fool About Your Love
18 Billy Fury – Turn My Back On You
19 Tom Tomlinson and Jerry Kennedy – Walk, Don’t Run
20 Dorothy Collins – Cool It Baby
21 Jerry Lee Lewis – Good Golly Miss Molly
22 Big Al Downing and The Poe Kats – It Must Be Love
23 Big Joe Turner – Shake, Rattle and Roll
24 Paul Gayten – The Hunch
25 The Drifters – I’ll Take You Home
26 Buddy Griffin and His Orchestra – I Got A Secret I Ain’t Gonna Keep
27 Pat Patton and His Orchestra – Blue Jean Bop
28 Teddy Redell – Pipeliner

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