Like a musical onward march, the O-Rama volumes from the Jukebox Music Factory just keep a’comin… And like all the series of this rich collection, the Exotic fringe is back too, with this its forth farandole of foreign flavors. Like its sister compilations, this one boldly forges forward, to explore new unhabitual horizons, to discover unsuspected audio landscapes and unearth long-forgotten gems. From India (Balsara) to Benin (Orchestre les Volcans de Porto Novo & Joseph Atchade), from Sudan (Abou Arky Elbekeet) to Lebanon (Sabath), embark upon a true melodic journey for a real change of scenery. As for the North American tracks, they reveal a marked taste for the exotic, for the strange and far-flung: exciting rhythms (Sir Raybould, Don Ralke), thunderous voices (The Journeymen, Nobletones, The Crew Cuts), keyboards that swerve and sway (Rhoda Scott TRio, Hank Jacobs)… in other words, yet more wonderful discoveries by El Vidocq

A1       The Rhoda Scott Trio–           Sha-Bazz pt 1

A2       Sabah–            Hully Dabke Ya Ba Off

A3       Nour El Nawar –         Nour El Nawar

A4       Don Ralke–     Four Paces East

A5       De Denise*–   Japanese Cha Cha

A6       The Nobletones–         Cha-Lyp-So-Baby

A7       L’Orchestre Les Volcans Porto-Novo*–         Cha-kple Dogbekpo

A8       Sir Raybould– Day Breaker


B1       Hank Jacobs–  Heidi

B2       The Journeymen (9)–  Cup-E-Co

B3       The Crew Cuts–          Bermuda

B4       The Renegades (17)–  Instanbul

B5       Nai Bonet–      The Seven Veil

B6       Balsara*–        These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

B7       The Ambassadors (13)–          Rocombo

B8       Les Brown Jr.–            Drum’s Safari

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