Sixth volume of the series on Stag-O-Lee. Limited to 666 copies, the work comes finely packed in a 10“ cover with a centre hole.

Gunsmoke is a collection of country teardrops with or without a slight incline, melancholic rockabilly and widescreen prairie popcorn noir from the late 50s and early 60s. It’s about the love for Jesus and Satan and his chauffeur, about players, the clan, unfaithful wives and the assassination of the rival. Become very awesome. An old jukebox in an abandoned ghost town in the old west could sound like this.

Side A.
1. Dorsey Burnette – The Devil’s Queen
(Robert Hyde, Jr./Lewis T. Smith / Dandelion Music)
2. Slim Whitman – North Wind
(R. Morris / Fairway Music Corp.)
3. Jimmie Driftwood – Mooshatanio
( Jimmie Driftwood / Copyright Control)
4.Larry Hall – Lovin ‘Tree
(Chuck Childress / Copyright Control)

5. Jody Reynolds – The Whipping Post
(Jody Reynolds / Elizabeth Johnstone Montei)

6.Jimmy Lloyd – Where The Rio De Rosa Flows
(Logsdon / McAlpin / Duchess Music / Kohl Music)

Side B.
1. Foy Willing And The Riders Of The Purple Sage – Stampede
(Rice / Willing / Copyright Control)
2. Johnny Carroll – Bandstand Doll
(Johnny Carroll / Big D Publ.)
3. Paul Evans – Samuel Hall
(Paul Evans / O Pamhill Music / Lyle Music)
4. Dennis Roberts – Blue Carnation
(Keith Colley / Burdette Music)
5. Virgil Holmes – My Downfall
(Kosloff / Mysel / Packard / Instant Music / Maggie Music)
6. Mike Jarrett & Gene Herd – Devil’s Hand
(Mike Jarrett / Merico Pub.)

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