Atomicat Records’ seasonal album The Horrors of the Black Museum (ACCD124) opens up a casket and unearths twenty-eight ghoulish and bewitching rockers from the vaults of the past. The horror rock sounds are from the genres of Rhythm & Blues, and Rock ‘n’ Roll music, and we include several lesser-known recordings in the shockingly spooky album. The songs are classic titles from the dark and demonic crypts of a bygone era, and the album additionally includes two haunting songs from two modern-day groups. Doctor Frankenbop and his scary sidekick Psychoshake present twenty-eight eerie and spookily haunting songs within The Horrors Of The Black Museum. The vintage songs are exhumed from the spine-chilling years 1954 through to 1963, and joining in on the shocking scary album are two spine-tingling songs from two modern bands. The album is gripping home listening, frightening the neighbors, and shocking, and pleasing for Dee Jays who can fill the dance floor with chilling horror rockers! The album showcases carefully selected rhythm & blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and moving, and grooving instrumental howlers for the demonic evening.

01 Ronny Goode Hokus Pokus (Smith, Goldsmith) Demon 1960
02 Nightmares (Oooh I’m Scared) Of The Horrors Of The Black Museum (Maddin, Vandervoort, Gordon) American International 1959
03 Johnny Devlin and His Devils Rock With The Devils (Devlin) Prestige 1959
04 Jim Burgett The Living Dead (Weidler) Columbia 1961
05 Nightmares The Headless Ghost (Maddin, Vandervoort, Gordon) American International 1959
06 George Jackson and The Unisons Miss Frankenstein (Jackson) Lescay 1962
07 The Satellites featuring Ivor Fisher You Haunt Me (Pope, Crombie) Kiwi 1963
08 The Chuck-A-Lucks The Devil’s Train (Dross) Lin 1957
09 Duane Turley with The Tads Devil’s Den (Turley) Viv 1959
10 Marc and The Wild Ones Voodoo Woman (Valentine) RBR 2014
11 Jack and Jim Midnight Monsters Hop (Huddle, Robinson) Brunswick 1959
12 The Eden Rocks Walkin’ With Satan (Jimenez) Nugget 1959
13 The Johnson Brothers Casting My Spell (E&A Johnson) Valor 1959
14 Johnny David ? Race With The Devil (McNeil) Gil 1959
15 The Gigolos Night Creature (Taylor, Knight) Daynite 1960
16 Otis Spann It Must Have Been The Devil (Span) Checker 1954
17 The Jayhawks The Devil’s Cousin (Smith) Flash 1955
18 Count Stephen Spooky (Alaimo, Rozier) Martin 1961
19 The Pharaohs The Green Werewolf (Kloop) Iona 1960
20 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Little Demon (Nahan, Hawkins) Okeh 1956
21 Roy Brown Up Jumped The Devil (Brown) King 1954
22 LaVern Baker Voodoo Voodoo (Avril, Coleman) Atlantic 1961
23 Frank Gay (vocal) Bobby Bianchi Down Bound Train (no credit) Cucca 1963
24 Electro-Tones Ghost Train (Rizzo) J-B 1961
25 Quinn Miller The Sea Witch (Hoffman) Magnet 1959
26 Bill James VooDoo Queen and The Medicine Man (James, Bradshaw) Mun-Rab 1959
27 Eddie Thomas Frankenstein Rock (Ross, Morris) Spinning 1958
28 The Rip Em Ups Killswitch! RBR 2015

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