Everything about this record is great, from the first to the last song and a big plus is also the outstanding artwork (by Dayvk Martins) that really hit the spot. The Ernie Freeman Combo with “Theme From Igor” opens the party, followed by Betty Lavette with “Witchcraft In the Air.” The Del Vikings are next with”Voodoo Man” and Louis Armstrong doing “Spooks.” A cavalcade of Halloween gems by The Emersons, The Tip Tops, the Bees, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Bobby Garret, and many more will also scare the hell out of you. The title track “Horror Show” by Johnny Thunder (the ORIGINAL one, not the 1970s dude from The New York Dolls) is also a very solid number. A few “funny” ones like The Munmmy” by Bob McFadden And Dor are also included. This CD is so good that you can listen to it all year long because the vast majority of the songs here are pretty darn good and worth a listen even outside the “Halloween” contest. As the “Mojo” Man say: All fine frame, no parts lame – DIG IT!

1 The Ernie Freeman Combo –  Theme From Igor

2 Betty Lavett–           Witchcraft In The Air

3 The Dell-Vikings–    The Voodoo Man

4 Louis Armstrong–    Spooks

5 The Emersons–         Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

6 John Zacherle–         Dinner With Drac Pt.1

7 The Tip Tops –         Jack The Ripper

8 Bobby Garrett–        Vampire

9 Bent Forcep & The Patients – I Know What Happened To Baby Jane

10 Big Boy Groves–   Bucket O Blood

11 The Bees – Terror

12 Faye Adams – The Hammer (Keeps A Knockin’)

13 Lightnin’ Hopkins– Cemetery Blues

14 Johnny Thunder –  Horror Show

15 Georgia White–      Dead Man’s Blues

16 Billy Ward And His Dominoes–   The Bells

17 Bob Wagner–         Annie Don’t Work No More

18 Tony And The Monstrosities–       Igor’s Lament

19 Bob McFadden And Dor–            The Mummy

20 Mr. Undertaker–    Here Lies My Love

21 Gatemouth Moore– Graveyard Disposition

22 The Calvanes–        Horror Movies

23 John Lee Hooker–  Graveyard Blues

24 Leonard Johnson – The Bug

25 The Moroccos–      The Hex

26 The Elites –            Jack The Ripper

27 Edwin And Alvin–            Shiverin’ & Shakin’

28 Luke Jones –          Graveyard Blues

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