Still more wild rockabilly acetates! This SPECIAL DALLAS EDITION showcases the strong influence that Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps held over the wild bands on the Big D teen scene. In fact. Vincent’s original demo of Say Mama (with Ronnie Dawson on guitar!) is on tap here! Be sure to dig all four volumes of this sensational series!

Gene Rambo & the Flames – My Little Mama
Scotty McKay Bad Times – Don’t Wait,
Gene Rambo & the Flames – Hot Lips & Swivel Hips
Gene Rambo & the Flames – Dance To the Bop
Casper & the Ghosts – Rockin’ Round the Tombstone,
Gene Rambo & the Flames – Shake Rattle & Roll
Vince Murphy & the Catalinas – Evil Eye
Bobby Rambo – Your True Love
Star Combo – Honey Bunny Baby,
Gene Vincent and Ronnie Dawson – Hey Mama (Say Mama),
Gene Rambo & the Flames – Sweet Dolly
Vince Murphy & the Catalinas – Smooth Move
Carl Canida & the Flames – That’s All Right
Gene Rambo & the Flames – Pink Pedal Pushers & Bright Red Hair
Gene Rambo & the Flames – Don’t Be Cruel
Scotty McKay – Don’t Wait
Gene Rambo & the Flames – Reel & Rock With My Baby
Bobby Rambo – C’mon Everybody
Kenneth Osmit – My Babe
Carl Canida & the Flames – I Forgot To Remember To Forget,
Bobby Rambo – Bony Moronie Twist,

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