The Koko Mojo Songwriter Series continues with an exploration of the skills of Lincoln Chase during Fancy Dance. The album focuses on and includes alongside the man himself singing, white and black artists, who also sang his compositions, of which numerous versions became hits. The songs are sourced from the years 1953 to 1963 with twenty titles coming from the 1950s, and the album is programmed year by year. Due to Chase’s mixed Cuban and West Indian parentage, some of his sounds have an exotic sound and tempo, and his legacy is weird, wacky, and intriguing.

  1. Lincoln Chase – The Vulture Song
  2. Beulah Swan – Don’t Steal My Heart
  3. George Benson – She Makes Me Mad
  4. Ruth Brown – Please Don’t Freeze
  5. The Playboys – Rock, Moan And Cry
  6. The Du Droppers – I Only Had A Little
  7. Bunny Paul Leave – My Heart Alone
  8. The Du Droppers – You’re Mine Already
  9. Lincoln Chase and The Sandmen – That’s All I Need
  10. The Orioles – Fair Exchange
  11. Carol Hughes – Fancy Dance
  12. LaVern Baker – Jim Dandy Got Married
  13. Maureen Cannon – Mamma Come Save Your Child
  14. Mel Jackson – She Took The Whole Shebang
  15. Nick Greene – The Blues Down Home
  16. The Tranquils – One Billion Seven Million, Thirty-Three
  17. Teddy Randazzo – Be My Kitten Little Chicken
  18. Joey Castle – Come A Little Closer Baby
  19. Lincoln Chase – I Love Your Many Ways
  20. Lincoln Chase – Hollywood, Sunset And Vine
  21. Red Foley Blues – In My Red Wagon Blues
  22. Lincoln Chase – Miss Orangatang
  23. Limmie B. Good – I’m Gonna Kiss My Girl Tonight
  24. Roy Hamilton – To The One I Love
  25. Eddie Cooley and The Dimples – Hot Biscuits And Sweet Marie
  26. Lincoln Chase – Sweet Torture
  27. Ann-Margret – Jim Dandy
  28. Mac Allen Smith – Such A Night
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