Jeez, when this came out it was a collection of odd ball almost totally unknown left field oddities. Now some of them are dance hall hits. Aw well times change, luckily sometimes a few people are ahead of the curve leading the way of the beaten path.

1 –Norman “Arab” Sands* I Don’t Want To Leave The Congo
2 –The Five Blobs The Blob
3 –Orville Couch Wild Girl
4 –The Puddle Jumpers Snake Charmer
5 –The Duponts Screamin’ Ball At Dracula Hall
6 –Lord Rockingham’s XI Fried Onions
7 –Los Pekenikes Suspicion
8 –Burt Topper Pot Party
9 –Little Jnr. Cannaday* Sloppy Twist
10 –The Electras (5) Little Girl Of Mine
11 –Sandy Nelson Chop Chop
12 –Big Boy Groves* Bucket O’ Blood
13 –Wes Dakus Dog Food
14 –Phil Phillips (3) The Evil Dope
15 –The Tennessee Drifters Chinese Maid
16 –Homer Dennison Jnr.* March Slav Boogie
17 –Little Dion Lonely Teardrops
18 –The Turtles Buzzsaw
19 –Johnny Sea Day For Decision

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All music: Dumb, Weird, Spooky Rockabilly / Rock N Roll

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