This set features four complete episodes of “Boy Meets Girls” alongside excerpts from several other episodes. In addition to classic “must hear” sets by Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent, you will hear Johnny Cash (in his first UK TV appearance) backed by Joe Brown and The Firing Squad, the “Italian Elvis” Little Tony, the versatile Marty Wilde, Billy Fury, Michael Cox, Adam Faith, Ronnie Hawkins, Jess Conrad and many others in performances which for the most part have not been heard since transmission in 1959 and 1960. The sleeve notes trace the development of the show and where possible, details for each episode have been provided, a task made difficult due to the scripts meeting the same fate as the TV episodes themselves. Jack Good was a pivotal force in the pre-Beatle years of British popular music. His influence on Cliff Richard, Marty Wilde, Billy Fury and Johnny Kidd was essential to their success and his TV series (“6.5 Special”, “Oh Boy!”, “Boy Meets Girls” and “Wham!!”) were critical to the development of pop music TV in the UK – from “Ready Steady Go” all the way through to “The Tube”. British radio and TV archival practice (ie. throw it in the bin) has deprived original viewers and future generations of the chance to check out the mighty Good’s work but “Boy Meets Girls” has now, in part, been rescued from archival oblivion. Rockstar Records proudly presents “Mighty Good”. We think you’ll find that it’s rather good !

I have to make a note about the sound quality. Much of the material on  this has never been released before and much of it that has was not well mastered. That is not a worry here and the sound is the best that can be obtained allowing for the source recordings.  (What this means is this sounds better than the youtube links below.)


  1. Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight (Marty Wilde)
  2. She’s Got It (Little Tony)
  3. I Can’t Help It (Little Tony)
  4. Broken-Hearted Melody (Lyn Cornell)
  5. I’ll Do The Same For You (Marty Wilde and Little Tony)
  6. Forty Miles Of Bad Road (The Firing Squad)
  7. So High So Low (Marty Wilde)
  8. Here Comes Summer (Marty Wilde)
  9. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (Johnny Cash)
  10. I Got Stripes (Johnny Cash)
  11. Five Feet High And Rising (Johnny Cash)
  12. Down By The Riverside (Marty Wilde)
  13. I’m Gonna Get Married (Marty Wilde)
  14. (’Til) I Kissed You (Mary Richmond and Ann O’Brien)
  15. What Is Love (The Vernons Girls) 16. Like Young (Cherry Wainer)
  16. Just A Little Too Much (Marty Wilde)
  17. That Is Rock And Roll (Marty Wilde)
  18. When I Fall In Love (Marty Wilde)
  19. As Time Goes By (Marty Wilde)
  20. Teenage Tears (Marty Wilde)
  21. The Three Bells (Marty Wilde)
  22. April Love (Marty and Joyce Wilde)
  23. I Walk The Line intro (The Firing Squad)
  24. Wont’cha Come Home (Marty Wilde)
  25. Forty Days (Little Tony)
  26. Hully Gully (Marty Wilde)
  27. In The Mood (The Firing Squad)
  28. Marty and Red Price chat
  29. Too Good (Little Tony) 31. I Walk The Line end of part 1 (The Firing Squad)
  30. I Walk The Line intro part 2 (The Firing Squad)
  31. Marty introduces Gene Vincent
  32. Rocky Road Blues (Gene Vincent)
  33. Frankie And Johnnie (Gene Vincent)
  34. Marty and Gene chat
  35. Wild Cat (Gene Vincent)
  36. Right Here On Earth (Gene Vincent)
  37. Closing Chat / I Walk The Line (The Firing Squad)



  1. Mighty Good (Michael Cox)
  2. Black And White Thunderbird (The Vernons Girls)
  3. Ubangi Stomp (Marty Wilde)
  4. Marty Introduces Johnny Gentle
  5. If I Had A Girl (Johnny Gentle)
  6. Be My Girl (Johnny Gentle)
  7. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (Marty Wilde)
  8. Run Red Run (Marty Wilde) 9. Marty Introduces Eddie Cochran
  9. Hallelujah! I Love Her So (Eddie Cochran)
  10. C’mon Everybody (Eddie Cochran)
  11. Somethin’ Else (Eddie Cochran)
  12. Marty And Eddie Chat
  13. Twenty Flight Rock (Eddie Cochran)
  14. Saturday Night In Tia Juana (Cherry Wainer)
  15. Let’s Talk About Us (Marty Wilde)
  16. What About Us (The Vernons Girls)
  17. Some Kinda Earthquake (The Firing Squad)
  18. Smooth Operator (Lyn Cornell)
  19. Marty And Lyn Cornell Chat
  20. Turn My Back On You (Billy Fury)
  21. Marty and Billy Fury Chat
  22. Colette (Billy Fury And Marty Wilde)
  23. I Wanna Be Loved (Marty Wilde)
  24. Marty introduces Eddie Cochran
  25. Money Honey (Eddie Cochran)
  26. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Eddie Cochran)
  27. Hallelujah! I Love Her So (Eddie Cochran)
  28. Closing Announcement
  29. Saturday Night In Tia Juana (Cherry Wainer)
  30. Mighty Good (Michael Cox)
  31. Colette (Billy Fury and Marty Wilde)
  32. I Don’t Know (Lyn Cornell)
  33. Baby Let’s Play House (Billy Fury)
  34. Hound Dog Man (Michael Cox)
  35. The Darktown Strutters Ball (Joe Brown)
  36. Be Mine (Marty Wilde) 38. Mighty Cold (Billy Fury)
  37. Pretty Blue Eyes (Billy Fury and Marty Wilde)
  38. Southern Love (Ronnie Hawkins)
  39. Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran)
  40. Milk Cow Blues (Eddie Cochran)
  41. The Song Of Lotus Lee (Cherry Wainer)



3 1. Bluejean Bop / Five Days, Five Days / Say Mama medley (Gene Vincent)

  1. Be-Bop-A-Lula (Gene Vincent)
  2. Baby Blue (Gene Vincent)
  3. I Got A Baby (Gene Vincent)
  4. Summertime (Gene Vincent)
  5. Right Here On Earth (Gene Vincent)
  6. Too Much (Billy Fury)
  7. Big Time (Marty Wilde)
  8. Chicka Chicka Honey / If I Had A Girl (fragment) (Jess Conrad)
  9. The Darktown Strutters Ball (Joe Brown)
  10. Beyond The Sea (fragment)
  11. Introduction By Marty Wilde
  12. Say Mama (Gene Vincent)
  13. The Darktown Strutters Ball (Joe Brown)
  14. Baby Let’s Play House (Billy Fury)
  15. What Do You Want (Adam Faith)
  16. Chicka Chicka Honey (Jess Conrad)
  17. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (Marty Wilde)
  18. Hallelujah! I Love Her So (Eddie Cochran)
  19. Wild Cat (Gene Vincent)
  20. Rise And Shine (The Firing Squad)
  21. Colette (Billy Fury and Marty Wilde)
  22. Twenty Flight Rock (Eddie Cochran)
  23. Be-Bop-A-Lula (Gene Vincent)
  24. Johnny Rocco (Marty Wilde)
  25. We Like Boys (The Vernons Girls)
  26. Poor Me (Adam Faith)
  27. Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran)
  28. Milk Cow Blues (Eddie Cochran)
  29. My Heart (Gene Vincent)
  30. Marty Chats With Gene And Eddie
  31. Dance In The Street (Gene Vincent)
  32. My Babe (Cast)
  33. Baby How I Cried (Billy Fury)
  34. I Don’t Like You No More (Eddie Cochran)
  35. Sweet Little Sixteen (Eddie Cochran)
  36. Stood Up (Marty Wilde)
  37. My Heart (Gene Vincent)
  38. I’ve Got To Get To You Yet (Gene Vincent)
  39. White Lightning (Eddie Cochran And Gene Vincent)
  40. Hard Headed Woman (Marty Wilde)
  41. Trouble (Marty Wilde)
  42. A Girl’s Work Is Never Done (The Vernons Girls)
  43. I Can’t Help It (Little Tony)
  44. Deutscher Rock ’N Roll / Oom Pah Polka (The Vernons Girls)
  45. Ciao, Ciao Bambino (Cherry Wainer)
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