Tip top collection of British Rock n Roll and teen age pop covering hits and rarities from the star stable of Larry Parnes. Double CD with 64 tracks.

1-1 –Billy Fury Halfway To Paradise
1-2 –Marty Wilde Tomorrow’s Clown
1-3 –Lance Fortune Be Mine
1-4 –Tommy Steele Handful Of Songs
1-5 –Joe Brown Stick Around
1-6 –Colin Hicks Wild Eyes And Tender Lips
1-7 –Nelson Keene Image Of A Girl
1-8 –Duffy Power Dream Lover
1-9 –Dickie Pride Primrose Lane
1-10 –Vince Eager Lonely Blue Boy
1-11 –Terry Dene A Boy Without A Girl
1-12 –Billy Fury Maybe Tomorrow
1-13 –Sally Kelly Little Cutie
1-14 –Julian X* Sue Saturday
1-15 –Marty Wilde Endless Sleep
1-16 –Johnny Gentle Wendy
1-17 –Tommy Steele Come On Let’s Go
1-18 –Peter Wynne Chapel Of Dreams
1-19 –Joe Brown I’m Henery The Eighth I Am
1-20 –The Viscounts (2) That’s Alright
1-21 –Nelson Keene Teenage Troubles
1-22 –Duffy Power Kissin’ Times
1-23 –Lance Fortune All On My Own
1-24 –Vince Eager This Should Go On Forever
1-25 –Terry Dene Geraldine
1-26 –Dickie Pride Slippin’n’Sliddin’
1-27 –Billy Fury Turn My Back On You
1-28 –Marty Wilde Bad Boy
1-29 –Joe Brown Comes The Day
1-30 –Tommy Steele Singing The Blues
1-31 –Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Billy Fury & Joe Brown My Babe (live)
1-32 –Jess Conrad Mystery Girl
2-1 –Marty Wilde Teenager In Love
2-2 –Billy Fury Wondrous Place
2-3 –Vince Eager Five Days, Five Days
2-4 –Joe Brown People Gotta Talk
2-5 –Tommy Steele Butterfly
2-6 –Duffy Power That’s My Little Suzie
2-7 –Dickie Pride Betty Betty
2-8 –The Viscounts (2) Rockin’ Little Angel
2-9 –Sally Kelly Honey, That’s Alright
2-10 –Nelson Keene Miracles Are Happening To Me
2-11 –Joe Brown Shine
2-12 –Marty Wilde Donna
2-13 –Johnny Gentle I Like The Way
2-14 –Terry Dene Thank You Pretty Baby
2-15 –Duffy Power Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On
2-16 –Peter Wynne I Need You Close Again
2-17 –Billy Fury That’s Love
2-18 –Colin Hicks Empty Arms Blues
2-19 –Sally Kelly He’ll Have To Stay
2-20 –Lance Fortune This Love I Have For You
21 –Nelson Keene Ocean Of Love
2-22 –Vince Eager Yea, Yea
2-23 –Johnny Gentle Mack The Knife (live)
2-24 –Duffy Power What Now
2-25 –The Viscounts (2) Who Put The Bomp
2-26 –Marty Wilde Sea Of Love
2-27 –Tommy Steele Rock With The Caveman
2-28 –Dickie Pride Fabulous Cure
2-29 –Billy Fury Colette
2-30 –Joe Brown Darktown Strutter’s Ball
2-31 –Marty Wilde, Dickie Pride & Cliff Richard Three Cool Cats (live)
2-32 –Jess Conrad This Pullover

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Format: CD Album

All music: Rockabilly / Rock N Roll

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