28 Fantastic lesser known primitive & hick Country Bop & Rural Rockabilly goodies.

01 Lefty King and His Rangers vocal Jimmy Clee – I’m Losing You,

02 Cecil Lee and His Western Swing Band – I’m An Ordinary Man,

03 Phil Brown with Bill Woods Band – You’re A Luxury,

04 Tibby Edwards – C’est Si Tout (That’s All),

05 Kenny Brown and Arkansas Ramblers – Throw ‘A Little Wood On’ The Fire,

06 Hardrock Gunter – Naptown, Ind.,

07 Charlie Gore – Somebody’s Been, 08

Glenn Barber – Ice Water,

09 The Delmore Brothers – I Let The Freight Train Carry Me On,

10 Tillman Franks with His Rainbow Boys – Hayride Boogie,

11 Bill Carlisle featuring Cliff Carlisle – Rattlin’ Daddy,

12 Johnny Cash – Honky-Tonk Girl,

13 Dude Martin – Pistol Boogie,

14 Jimmy and Leon Short and The Silver Saddle Ranch Boys – Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby,

15 Bob Gallion- Trademark On What I’ve Found,

16 Hank The Drifter – I Hadn`t Oughta Went In,

17 Benny Cliff – Crazy Mama,

18 Bennie Hess – Wild Hog Hop,

19 Lefty Frizzell – (Honey, Baby, Hurry) Bring Your Sweet Self Back To Me,

20 Dick Miller – Now I’m Gone,

21 Melvin Endsley – Let’s Fall Out Of Love,

22 Jimmy Simpson and His Oilfield Boys – Blue As I Can Be,

23 Sonny Burns – Another Woman Looking For A Man,

24 The Country Dudes – Have A Ball,

25 Charlie Adams and The Lone Star Playboys – If A Beer Bottle Had A Nipple On It (You’d Be A Baby All Your Life),

26 Jimmy Murphy – Sixteen Tons Rock ‘N’ Roll,

27 Carl Phillips – Salty Dog Blues,

28 Mason Dixon and The Red Skins – Don’t Worry ‘Bout Nuthin’

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