Atomicats’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Floozy series (ACCD034-037 and 092) invites you to drive to the wrong side of the track and head on over to the trailer park. Here the raw and greasy little-known ditties from the hepped-up cats blast out of the speakers, and sexuality is in the air. These bopsters are the stars at the dive, wailing and screaming their style of Rockabilly and Rock ‘n’ Roll, and the wayward floozy she digs them the most, and for her rocking has two meanings! These rhythm infested titles send our girl wild with desire, and the men are slaves to her rhythmic body swirling as she gyrates to the Big Beat! The good people on the right side of the train track hate the people, “trash” they say with disdain, and Sunday finds them praying for their wayward soul. For the menfolk they are dreaming of an escape, they want to cross the track and rejoice in potent rocking sounds and join the fun and action, now who is the real floozy? The series is designed from a living experience “man those chicks and dives are my life and the living end of fun.”

01 Jimmy Copeland and The J-Teens (vocal) Lucky Ward and Trio – Satellite Rock (Keith-Bassett) B&K Records 1188

02 Mark Anthony – Wolf Call (Karam-Waddell) Porter 1005

03 The Carlos Brothers – Come On, Let’s Dance (J. Carlos-P. Antoniano) Del-Fi 4112

04 Scott Garrett – The Day I Died (S. Edwards) Okeh 4-7104

05 The Sportsmen – Sand Storm (Sportsmen) Arc 104

06 Buzz Clifford – Pididdle (The Car With The One Light) (J. Silverman – F. Fellmer – B. Clifford) Bow 308

07 John Worthan – Evalina Malony (Riley-Worthan) Peach 711

08 Al Casey – Willa Mae (Casey-Hazlewood) Liberty 55117

09 Joey Rand – The Long Blond Curls (T. Rinando – J. Rinando) Blue Grass 1001

10 Randy Atcher – Indian Rock (Atcher) MGM 12347

11 Paul Seipp and The Rhythmaires – Little Gray Shack (McQuigg- Maxwell) Blue Bell 1041

12 Buddy Shaw – Don’t Sweep That Dirt On Me (Ruth Snider – B. Shaw) Starday 642

13 Jim Alley and The Alley Cats – The Great Pretender (Buck Ram) Pearl 1111

14 Bobby Chandler – Shadows Of Love (Matthews-Biggs) OJ 1005

15 The Brothers – Lazy Susan (Mathis and Hawkins) Argo 5318

16 Jerry Jaye – Sugar Dumplin’ (Jaye) Stepheny 1820

17 Bob Ehret – Stop The Clock (Bob Ehret – Damon Robertson) Aladdin 3377

18 T. Texas Tyler – Shake Em Up Rock (T. Texas Tyler) 4-Star EP 35

19 Roy Orbison – Chicken Hearted (B. Justis) Sun 284

20 The Rhythm Rockers – Oh Boy (West-Tilghman-Petty) Satin 921

21 The Temptations – Mad At Love (Moore) Savoy 1532

22 Chuck Atha – Just Me And My Baby (C. Atha) Fox 1169

23 Kenny Smith – Walkin’ By My Lonesome (Johnny Tyler-Jimmie O’Neal) Rural Rhythm 507

24 Howard Crockett – If You’ll Let Me (H. Housey) Dot 15593

25 Curley Langley and His Western All Stars – Linda Lou (Curley Langley- Art Petivan) Arcadia 110

26 Link Davis – Sixteen Chicks (L. Davis-W. Walker) Starday 242

27 Floyd Whitehurst – Brand New Baby (F. Whitehurst) Sandy 1012

28 Bobby DeWitt and The Williams Annie Mae (DeWitt, Mack) Ridgecrest 1204

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