Atomicats’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Floozy series (ACCD034-037 and 092) invites you to drive to the wrong side of the track and head on over to the trailer park. Here the raw and greasy little-known ditties from the hepped-up cats blast out of the speakers, and sexuality is in the air. These bopsters are the stars at the dive, wailing and screaming their style of Rockabilly and Rock ‘n’ Roll, and the wayward floozy she digs them the most, and for her rocking has two meanings! These rhythm infested titles send our girl wild with desire, and the men are slaves to her rhythmic body swirling as she gyrates to the Big Beat! The good people on the right side of the train track hate the people, “trash” they say with disdain, and Sunday finds them praying for their wayward soul. For the menfolk they are dreaming of an escape, they want to cross the track and rejoice in potent rocking sounds and join the fun and action, now who is the real floozy? The series is designed from a living experience “man those chicks and dives are my life and the living end of fun.”

01 Billy Barnette and The Searchers – Stomp, Shake And Twist (Russo- Barnette) Mt. Vernon 980

02 The Coachmen (vocal) Ricky Mann – Merrianne (Richard Mancuso) Iona 1004

03 Johnny Knight – Snake Shake (J.D. Mangiagli) Morocco 1005

04 Vince Malloy – Soda Pop (Maloy) Felsted 8569

05 Buddy Aldo – Gotta Get To Memphis (Buddy Aldo) Diva 1009

06 J.C. Gilbert and The Rhythm Shakers – Bring Back Your Love (J.C. Gilbert) Charles 001

07 The Instrumentals – Chop Suey Rock (Jay Tanner) Hanover 4502

08 The Rock-A-Bouts – She’s A Fat Girl (C. Nigra-L. Mann) Chancellor 1030

09 Jackie Cannon – Proof Of Your Love (Cannon) Chess 1807

10 Link Wray and The Wraymen – Mary Ann (R. Charles) Epic 5-9419

11 Cookie Roberts – Draggin’ The Drive-Inn’s (Jack Rhodes) Eric 7009

12 Jerry Fuller – I’ve Found A New Love (J. Fuller) Lin 5011

13 Chuck Howard – Out Of Gas (Howard) Do-Re-Mi 1403

14 John and Jackie – Raging Sea (Gene Maltais) Aladdin 3425

15 Ray Pennington – My Steady Baby (Russell P. Dyche-Ray Pennington) Lee 504

16 The Vox Poppers – Ping Pong Baby (Jack Hammer) Mercury 71315

17 Bill Carter and The Cooper Bros. – Cool Tom Cat (Jimmie O’Neal-W.S. Stephenson)

18 Jackie Carbone – Jam Up (Biernat-Carbone-Dietz) Star-X 503

19 Ronnie Summers – Lonesome Road (arranged by C. Vedder) Locket 103

20 Bob Miller – Great Balls Of Fire (Hammer-Blackwell) Bell 69

21 The Fireballs (vocal) Chuck Tharp – I Don’t Know (Tomsco-Tharp) Kapp 248

22 Little “E” and The Mello-Tone Three – Candy Apple Red Impala (Richards-Lewis) Falco 302

23 Jimmy Woodard – My Name Is Jimmy (G. Crabbe-J. Wolford) 4-Star 1714

24 Jimmie Skinner – One Dead Man Ago (Jimmie Skinner) Mercury 72020

25 Johnny Rebb and His Rebels – Hey Sheriff (Bryant) Leedon 540

26 Pico Pete – Chicken Little (Robert Scherman) Jet 100

27 David Ede and The Go Man Go Men – Last Night (D. Williamson) Pye 15370

28 Link Davis Sixteen Chicks (Davis, Walker) Starday 235

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