Atomicats’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Floozy series (ACCD034-037 and 092) invites you to drive to the wrong side of the track and head on over to the trailer park. Here the raw and greasy little-known ditties from the hepped-up cats blast out of the speakers, and sexuality is in the air. These bopsters are the stars at the dive, wailing and screaming their style of Rockabilly and Rock ‘n’ Roll, and the wayward floozy she digs them the most, and for her rocking has two meanings! These rhythm infested titles send our girl wild with desire, and the men are slaves to her rhythmic body swirling as she gyrates to the Big Beat! The good people on the right side of the train track hate the people, “trash” they say with disdain, and Sunday finds them praying for their wayward soul. For the menfolk they are dreaming of an escape, they want to cross the track and rejoice in potent rocking sounds and join the fun and action, now who is the real floozy? The series is designed from a living experience “man those chicks and dives are my life and the living end of fun.”

01 Johnny Rebb and His Rebels – Rock On (Lopez – Sheffield) Leedon 558

02 The Velaires – Ubangi Stomp (Earl Bostic) Jamie 1211

03 Lee Emerson – What A Night (L. Emerson – Nesbitt) Columbia 4-41046

04 Otto Bash with The Rhythm Rockers – My Babe (Dixon) Hidus 2008

05 Drifting Charles – Evil Hearted Woman (L. Lavergne) Lanor 515

06 Jerry Raines – Dangerous Redhead (Jerry Raines) Drew-Blan 1001

07 Jimmy Lamberth with The Saxons – Latch On To Your Baby (J.O. Lamberth) Meteor 5044

08 Harry Carter with The Dixie Rhythmaires – Rhythm In My Soul (Harry Carter) Mar-Vel 1300

09 The Super-Phonics (vocal) Ronnie Hanson – Teen-Age Partner (Vincent – Davis) Lindy 102

10 The Coronas (vocal) Bill Heid – I Need Your Lovin’ Again (Bill Heid) Corona 520

11 Jett Powers and The Ranch Hands – Go Girl Go (Powers – Gilbert) Design 811

12 Reggie Perkins and His Rockin’ Maniacs – Pretty Kitty (Stone – Saffer) Gem 1201

13 George Fleming – The Shake (George Fleming) Fleming 501

14 Dick Penner – Cindy Lou (Penner) Sun 282

15 The New Blockbusters – Rock & Roll Guitar (Paul – Rollins – Peck) Antler 4001

16 The Champs – Alley Cat (Dave Burgess) Challenge 59086

17 Al Jones – Loretta (M. Kilgore) Imperial 5589

18 Andy Doll – Hey Ba Ba Re Bop (Hampton – Hamner) Ad 101

19 Bobby Dean – Dime Store Pony Tail (Bullock) Chess 1673

20 Freddy Cole and The Northern Lights – Swirl (Freddy Cole) Patt 059

21 Eddie Stapleton – Well I’m Weak (Eddie Stapleton) Fortune 559

22 The Storms (vocal) Carl Groves – Canteen Baby (Carl Groves) Musicale 116

23 Tony Chick – A Car (T. Chirchiglia) Hy-Joy 1001

24 Lee West with The Westonians – Saturday Night Rock (Lee West) Riva 405

25 Bill Lehman and The Rock-Itts – Take It Easy, Greasy (C. Guidry) Prime 10

26 The Astronauts – Come Along Baby (S. Patterson) Palladium 610

27 The Tri-Tones – Chicken In The Basket (Ernie Bruno) Ranger 9651

28 Chuck Gray – Foot Loose And Free (Jack Neef) Fable 618

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