Atomicats’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Floozy series invites you to drive to the wrong side of the track and head on over to the trailer park. Here the raw and greasy little-known ditties from the hepped-up cats blast out of the speakers, and sexuality is in the air. These bopsters are the stars at the dive, wailing and screaming their style of Rockabilly and Rock ‘n’ Roll, and the wayward floozy she digs them the most, and for her rocking has two meanings! These rhythm infested titles send our girl wild with desire, and the men are slaves to her rhythmic body swirling as she gyrates to the Big Beat! The good people on the right side of the train track hate the people, “trash” they say with disdain, and Sunday finds them praying for their wayward soul. For the menfolk they are dreaming of an escape, they want to cross the track and rejoice in potent rocking sounds and join the fun and action, now who is the real floozy? The series is designed from a living experience “man those chicks and dives are my life and the living end of fun.”

01 Johnny Carr – Rockin’ Shock (Carr – Parker) Selma 1003

02 Macy Skipper – Who Put The Squeeze On Eloise (Skipper – McNatt) Light 2020

03 Harvey Hurt – Big Dog Little Dog (Harvey Hurt) Master 10

04 Roy Steward & The Melotones – You Booger (Steward) Downbeat 7619

05 The Tabbys – Hong Kong Baby (T. Falcone – K. Clay) Cleopatra 1

06 Billy Brown – Run’em Off (Wheeler – Lee) Columbia 4-41380

07 Larry Wheeler with The Hi Bice Rockers – Cry Woman Cry (Larry Wheeler) Glory 279

08 Wally Hughes – Convertible Car (W. Hughes) Ember 1024

09 The Bon-Airs – Stop The World (Blake – Blake) King 4975

10 Bobby Vee & The Shadows – Flyin’ High (Bill Velline) Liberty 55208

11 Eddy Bell & The Bel-Aires – The Masked Man (Hi Yo Silver) (E. Bell) Mercury 71677

12 Johnny Rivers – The Customary Thing (Self) MGM 13266

13 The Royale Monarchs (Vocal: Roger Stafford) – My Babe (Ron Holden) Dell Star 102

14 Jimmy Woodall & his Tarpins – Uncle Sam’s Call (Woodall) Jem (no number)

15 Adron Jumper & The Wheels – Crawdad Song (no composer) Forrest 101

16 Frankie Taro & The Antics – Butterball (Frankie Ciaramitaro – Dom Carone) Go-Go (no number)

17 The Hot Toddys – Shakin’ And Stompin’ (John Little) Corsicana 0056

18 Bobby Hicks & The Youngsters – Hassle It Jack (N. Tomlinson) Skyway 116

19 Don Woody – Not I (Don Woody – Paul Simmons) Arco 4623

20 Bobby Tuggle – The 64000$ Question (Sears – Sharpe) Checker 823

21 Doug Harden & The Dessert Suns – Good For Nothing Woman (George A. Taylor – Sharon A Pease) Liberty Bell 9006

22 Jimmy Hufton & his Hot Shots – Shiver And Shake (Hufton – Cumming – Thurmond) Fernwood 201 23 Dick D’Agostin & The Swingers – Nancy Lynne (D. D’Agostin) Dot 15773

24 Hub Sutter & The Hub Cats – Gone Goslin (Sutter) Columbus 103

25 Wesley Reynolds ?– Trip To The Moon (Burden) Rose 108

26 Alan Barnicoat ?– Savage (Barnicoat/Yakus/Howe/Carney) Rocket 105

27 Kip Tyler ?– She’s My Witch (Tyler) ebb 154X

28 The Caps ?– The Red Head Flea (Leib) White Star

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