The recent Rocka Rolla series had been masterfully inaugurated by El Vidocq. For this second part he gives way to his English friend Keb Darge – who had already distinguished himself in the Jukebox Music Factory catalog with his resounding selection “The Rockabilly Crown Jewels”. And to Darge, the enthusiast, the opportunity to make sparks once again. His brilliant assortment lingers on his favorite garage rock and 60’s surf. In this second volume, less somber, we find seminal punk rock anthems (“She Lied” by the Rockin ‘Ramrods, “Thunder Reef” by the Shindings), but also some more “titty shakers” (Les De Merle and their “Bulldozer”). Or the “El Scorpion” by The Sherwoods). A touch of surf to accommodate it all (The Road Runners “Quasimoto” and Ahab and The Wailers “Neb’s Tune”). Bingo! There you have “Keb Darge’s Supreme”. Love galore and zero lack of taste! Play it loud, friends !!!
Comes with free CD version too.


Side 1

  1.          The Cherokees – “Uprisin'”
  2.          The Starfires – “Linda”
  3.          The Penthouse Five – “Bad Girl”
  4.          The Shandels – “Caroline”
  5.          The Road Runners – “Quasimoto”
  6.          Ahab & The Wailers – “Neb’s Tune”
  7.          Michel & The Canadians – “Cause I Believe”
  8.          The Shindigs – “Thunder Reef”

Side 2

  1.          Les De Merle – “Bulldozer”
  2.          Lefty & The Leadsmen – “Willwood Fun”
  3.          The Rockin’ Ramrods – “She Lied”
  4.          The Fabulous Blue Jays – “Jay Walker”
  5.          Bill Allen & The Fugitives – “Come On & Clap”
  6.          The Morning Dew – “No More”
  7.          Jimmy Rabbit & The Karats – “Push Over”
  8.          The Sherwoods – “El Scorpion”
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