Another 28 superb rock n roll tracks from black artists from Texas covering the width and depth of the music.

01 Bobby Day That’s All I Want (Byrd) 02:16,
02 Roy Hawkins Trouble Makin’ Woman (Hawkins) 02:37,
03 Mercy Dee Red Light (Walton) 02:31,
04 Calvin Boze Working With My Baby (Boze) 02:14, 05 Joe “Papoose” Fritz And His Orchestra I’m Not Suspicious, But (Unknown) 02:25,
06 Camille Howard Fire-Ball Boogie (Howard) 02:25,
07 Charles Brown and Amos Milburn Educated Fool (Smith) 02:18,
08 Joe Houston Shtiggy Boom (Jarvis, Diamond) 02:35,
09 Floyd Dixon Roll Baby Roll (Collins, Bocage) 02:16,
10 Harmonica Slim Going Back Home (Travis, Glinn) 01:59,
11 Lightnin’ Hopkins New York Boogie (Unknown) 02:45,
12 Pee Wee Crayton Little Bitty Things (Crayton) 01:47,
13 Peppermint Harris My Blues Have Rolled Away (Unknown) 02:02,
14 Bud Harper This Woman I Love (Lighteard) 01:47,
15 “Smokey” Hogg I’m Looking For My Baby (Hogg) 02:31,
16 Marie Adams Ain’t Car Crazy (Charles) 02:45,
17 Ivory Joe Hunter You Can’t Stop This Rocking And Rolling (Hunter) 02:16,
18 Jesse Powell with The Caddy’s Ain’t You Gonna (Powell, Navarro) 02:17,
19 Ray Sharpe Long John (Sharpe) 02:39,
20 Andrew “Smokey” Hogg You’re Gonna Look Like A Monkey (When You Get Old) (Williams, Hill) 02:29,
21 T.V. Slim Flat Foot Sam Meets Jim Dandy (aka Flat Foot Sam Made A Bet) (Willis) 02:17,
22 Barbara Lynn Teen Age Blues (Ozen) 01:32,
23 Freddy King I’m Tore Down (Thompson) 02:37,
24 Peppermint Harris She’s My Baby (Unknown) 02:11,
25 Freddy King That’s What You Think (Whitfield, Washington) 02:35,
26 Cal Valentine & The Texas Rockers The Boogie Twist (Part I) (Lyons) 02:43,
27 “Smokey” Hogg Good Mornin’ Baby (Hogg) 02:32)
28 Young Jessie – I Smell A Rat (Stoller, Lieber) 02:22

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