It really bugs me that mid tempo Rock n Roll records are called “strollers”. This “genre” contains some of the most savage, threatening, growling Rock n Roll that was ever committed to wax. Just have a listen to the two youtube links below. The slow pace really allows musicians and singers to bring an intensity that cannot be held on a fast number. I love this stuff. Can we start calling them stompers?

The 30-song Stroll-A-Rama Volume – Atomicat album is stuffed full of rockin’ and rhythmic walking tempo sounds, and the strolling chicks will dig any Dee Jay playing these titles. Every song is carefully selected and the album is programmed to sound like an evening at your local rockin’ record hop. Staying true to the Atomicat Records philosophy several of the featured artists are mostly unknown, but not lacking in star quality, and the acclaimed series is acquiring 5-star reviews. The albums are perfect for collectors who wish to own a more diverse range of songs, and those who enjoy dancing. With every Atomicat records’ album you will discover something different.

1 Jimmy And Kelly – Little Chickie
2 The Tom Toms – That Cat
3 Andy Charles – Baby Don’t Go
4 Lynn Vernon– Moon Rocket
5 Dolly Cooper– Big Rock Inn
6 Art Neville– What’s Going On
7 Angel Face – I Can’t Look Back
8 Billy Williams – The Pied Piper
9 The Plaids– Vampire
10 Vernon Harrell– Slick Chick
11 Rusty York– Tremblin’
12 Huelyn Duvall– Friday Night On A Dollar Bill
13 Jack Arnold – Pistol Packing Mama
14 Morgus And The 3 Ghouls – Morgus The Magnificent
15 Don Johnston– The Whipmaster
16 Benny Barnes– You Gotta Pay
17 Ike Turner– The Rooster
18 The Hurricanes – You May Not Know
19 Bobby Saxton– Trying To Make A Living
20 Phil Johns – Ballad Of A Juvenile Delinquent
21 Billy Brown – Flip Out
22 Kip Tyler– Rumble Rock
23 Joe Hudgins– Where’d You Stay Last Night
24 Larry Kirby– Sweet Shop
25 Ronnie Brent– Shirley Ann
26 Earl Williams – You Ain’t Puttin’ Out Nothin’ But The Lights
27 Bobby Marchan– You Can’t Stop Her
28 The Gamblers Featuring Big Brown – My Testament
29 Doug Wilshire– Boss Man
30 Charlie Gracie– Baby I Got You

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