238 Tracks – 8CD Boxset with 12″ x 12″ 138 page info packed Hardcover full colour book. Bear Family style boxset
Following The Texas Box, The Michigan Box and The Florida Box comes The Alabama Box – another fabulous collection of rare rockabilly, wild instrumentals and rockers, featuring hundreds of Alabama acts from independent labels like Reed Records, Judd, Loyal, Sandy, Tune Records and many more.

The stunning hardcover book presents the original 7“ labels, information about the artists, producers and record companies, and collector’s guides (including current values) for every song

CD 1:
01 Tapping That Thing JC & The Cavemen
02 The Yo Yo JC & The Cavemen
03 Epic Cha Cha The Epics
04 The Romp The Epics
05 Sweet Sweet Baby Norris Mims & His Band
06 Baby, Baby, Baby Chuck Wesley & The Highland Travelers
07 I’m Gonna Tell On You John Henry & The Steel Drivers
08 On Strike David Hiser
09 Enny, Minnie, Mighty, Moe Joyce Herren
10 I Ain’t Gonna Be Your Baby But One Time Sue Golden & The Illusions
11 Rock Awhile Webb Dixon
12 Foxy Dan Jeff Daniels
13 Satellite Rock Jimmy Copeland & The J-Teens
14 Pig Tails Marshall Hannah With His Drifting Deputizes
15 Railroad Bum Robert Bruce
16 Miss Operator Robert Keel & The Operators
17 You’re Telling Everybody Robert Keel & The Original Drifting Rangers
18 Hey Miss Operator Robert Keel & The Original Drifting Rangers
19 Rock-A-Way Orden Sexton
20 You Can’t Kiss Me Tony Senn
21 You Broke My Heart Jackie O’Neal
22 That’s My Baby Jackie O’Neal
23 Bee Sticks To Honey Arthur Thomas
24 Take That The Mosriters
25 The Girl Next Door Dickie Vann
26 The More I Learn To Care Buddy Hughey
27 Chevy Shut Down The Jaguars
28 Handy Andy Patti Mack
29 You Just Wait Jerry Woodard
30 Everywhere I Look There’s Love Carmol Taylor
CD: 2
01 Strange Feeling Jesse Taylor & The Melodaires
02 Love Me Darlin’ Don Ray
03 Trouble Along The Cable Slim Lay & Happy Wilson
04 I’ll Tear Your Playhouse Down Billy Free
05 Hold To My Bible Davis Brothers
06 I Want Cha Baby Bob Jones
07 I Like To Go Floyd McDaniel
08 I’m Moving On John Owens
09 Six Long Weeks Jerry Woodard
10 Downbeat Jerry Woodard & The Cavaleers
11 Pappys’s Club Jerry Woodard & Pappy’s Band
12 She Left Me Crying Dinky Harris & The Spades
13 Pretty Rainbow Davis Brothers
14 Rock Me Baby Chuck Grimes Sattelites
15 Raymond’s Beat Ray McArthur’s Hill Stoppers
16 Going To The Hop Polk Brothers
17 Caravan Rock Polk Brothers
18 Eenie Meenie Wally Willette & His Globe Rockers
19 Pink Elephants Wally Willette & His Globe Rockers
20 Wild Wild Flower Davis Brothers
21 Lucinder Tommy Derek
22 I Could Love You Baby Louis Dee & Deltones
23 Too Young To Get Married Bill Lancaster’s Roving Ramblers
24 It’s Saturday Night Now Bill Lancaster’s Roving Ramblers
25 Hoppin’ Boppin’ and Rockin’ Bill Perry With The Bel-Aires
26 Brand New Woman And Second Hand Heart Carl Williams
27 Just For A Day Carl Williams
28 Take A Chance With Me Robert Keel & The Drifting Rangers
29 All Night Long Corky & Continentals

CD 3:
01 Meet Me In The Barnyard Phil Cay & The Blue Notes
02 Take My Everything Phil Cay & The Blue Notes
03 Gonna Take A Little Time Bob Cain
04 Iron Man Bob Compton
05 Full House The Dothans
06 Speedway Rock Jerry Woodard & The Glen Layne Combo
07 Little Neal from Mobile Neal E Hemphill
08 I’m In Debt Hank Spurling
09 Box Car Blues Hank Spurling
10 The Tug Boat Song (2 Labels) Johnny Mac
11 I Tried To Be Fair Gilbert Headley
12 Strange Feeling Jesse Villian
13 Mobile, Alabama Blues Marty Martin
14 I Told My Baby The Flares
15 September Love The Flares
16 Oh Baby Bobby Jackson
17 You Got Me Rocking And Rolling Bobby Jackson
18 Cha Cha Cha Bobby Jackson
19 Honky Tonkin’ In Mississippi Jimmy Swan
20 Rattlesnake Daddy Jimmy Swan
21 Walking My Dog Jimmy Swan
22 Jungle Girl Junior Thompson
23 Mary Lee Monty Olive & His Piano
24 Guitarville Roland James
25 Caveman Tommy Roe & The Satins
26 I Got A Girl Tommy Roe & The Satins
27 Sally Sue Brown June Alexander
28 Shelia Tommy Roe & The Satins With The Flamingos
29 Redstone John Shorty Long

CD 4:
01 Bopcycle Man Billy Bee
02 Antidote For Love Billy Bee
03 Wild One The Epics
04 She’s An Eye Opener The Epics
05 Five, Ten, Fifteen Hours Chris Tyler
06 As Long As I’m Moving Chris Tyler
07 Hey Mama Johnny Carter
08 Knockout Bobby Mizell & His Rockin’ Piano
09 Drag Out Bobby Mizell & His Rockin’ Piano
10 Rain Boy Bruce Brakefield
11 In Your Heart Bruce Brakefield
12 Foggy River Jimmy Holder & The Chevells
13 The Warning Song Jimmy Murphy
14 Half A Loaf Of Bread Jimmy Murphy
15 Gonna Throw My Suitcase Away Jimmy Murphy
16 Holy Ghost Millionaire Jimmy Murphy
17 You May Have A Million Jimmy Murphy
18 Little David Play On Your Harp Jimmy Murphy
19 ‘Cause He Said He Would Jimmy Murphy
20 Big Brass Horn Jamie Hurt & The Mariteens
21 Big Silver Tears Mack Allen Smith & The Flames
22 One Little Baby Sammy Salvo
23 Mean Woman Married Man Blues Paul Durham
24 Baby, I Don’t Care David Gregg
25 Picture Yourself David Gregg
26 The King’s Comin’ Home Tony Senn
27 My Whole Life Depends On You Tony Senn
28 Berry’s Bounce Berry Smith & The Radio Pals
29 Come On Willum Fowler
30 The Bounce Loyal Pritchard

CD 5:
01 Ramrod Charlena & The Rockettes
02 Rag Mop Joe & Harold
03 Safari The Fabulous Checkmates
04 Hang Up My Rock and Roll Shoes Ronnie Oldham & Encores
05 Who-Ah Carl Sauceman & The Green Valley Boys
06 You Can’t Be True Carl Sauceman & The Green Valley Boys
07 Turmoil The Mosriters
08 On The Run The Mosriters
09 I Just Can’t Go On The Smith Brothers
10 I Know Why Billy Clark
11 I Saw A Dream Walking Billy Clark
12 Rockin’ In The Graveyard Jackie Morningstar
13 No Date Jackie Morningstar
14 Coming Home Billy Wayne & The Torches
15 Cool, Baby, Cool Vern Edwards
16 Come Back Baby Ray McArthur & His Generals
17 Night Ride TheRamrods
18 Night Prowl The Del-Rays
19 Coal Miner’s Blues Gene Cole With Clyde’s String Masters
20 Seven Times Heaven Paul Ballenger & The Flares
21 Rocking The Blues Leon Bowman With Jerry Parker & His Buddies
22 Black Widow Spider Leon Bowman With Jerry Parker & His Buddies
23 Teen-Age Bop Botie Quinn With The Top-Hatters
24 Waitin’ Abby Lee
25 I Want Your Lovin’ Abby Lee
26 Who’s Gonna Rock My Baby Jerry Woodard & The Co’s
27 You Love That Guitar Better Than Me Ronnie Wilson With Jerry Woodard & The Co’s
28 Let’s Make History Ronnie Wilson With Jerry Woodard
29 Same Thing Bobby Mizzell & Lee Wayne
30 You Hit The Nail On The Head Billy Perry With Melvin Carter & His Band
31 Go Fly A Kite Billy Perry With Melvin Carter & His Band

CD 6:
01 I Hear Thunder Paul Ballenger & The Flares
02 Pig Paul Ballenger & The Flares
03 Hang In There Like A Rusty Fish Hook Country Boy Eddie
04 Fodder Fossil’s Blues Country Boy Eddie
05 Have A Tear On Me Jim Wilson With The Flares
06 Love Ain’t Nothing But Sorrow Malon Hurst
07 My Pretty Baby Tommy Fowler & Coeds
08 I Want My Baby Back Walter Dixon & His Band
09 Somebody Else Is Taking My Place Walter Dixon & His Band
10 Hey Little Mama Lawrence Shaul With The Aristocats
11 Tutti Frutti Lawrence Shaul With The Aristocats
12 Panama City Blues Larry & The Loafers
13 Why Was I Blue Webb Robbins & The Jackets
14 Queen Of My Heartaches Mason Dixon
15 Hello Memphis Mason Dixon
16 Fi-Fi Johnny Gore & The Jesters
17 Static The Starliners
18 Thunder The Starliners
19 Singing, Shouting, Praying Bill And Opal Carter & Country Gents
20 Peaceful Mind Bill And Opal Carter & Country Gents
21 Barbara Allen Eddie Arnold Smith & The Notations
22 I Need You Baby Pat Riley & The Rockets
23 Little Bop-A-Little Pat Riley & The Rockets
24 We Two Rock Donn Williams & The Exotics
25 I Like To Go Floyd Mack
26 She Lied Paul Durham
27 My Baby Don’t Love Me Happy Wainwright
28 Walking & Talking Happy Wainwright
29 Jukebox Queen Ronny Keenan
30 Jungle Rock Bo & Jo And The Niteriders

CD 7
01 Sugar Baby Helen Bozeman
02 Brand New Baby Floyd Whitehurst
03 Knocking At Your Door Curtis Bunyard & The No Names
04 Mercy Me Darryl Vincent & His Flares
05 Daddy’s Goin’ Batty Darryl Vincent & His Flares
06 Wild Wild Party Darryl Vincent
07 Shenandoah Waltz Morris Simmons
08 Rockin’ Satellite Ray Sawyer
09 Close To You George Richardson
10 Trackdown Ken Bozeman
11 I’m Gonna Leave Ray Sawyer
12 Crazy Date Crazy Teens
13 Rebel Boogie Crazy Teens
14 Miss Me Now Lindburgh Deavers
15 Rock And Roll Fever Jr Warren
16 I Gotta Keep Moving Jr Warren
17 Tell Me What To Do Carmol Taylor
18 It’s Many A Mile From Me To You Homer Monroe & The Country Drifters
19 Woke Up This Morning Kenny Spivey
20 Get On The Phone Les & The Jokers
21 Little Mama Slick Lawrence
22 Baggie Maggie Henry Henry
23 Hong Kong, Mississippi Henry Henry
24 Oh, I Love You So Earl Mack
25 Free As A Breeze Carmol Taylor
26 Walkin’ And Cryin’ Donald Daffron
27 Sweet Shop Doll Ronnie Moore
28 I’ve Gotta Find Someone Tiny Tim & His Tornadoes
29 Star Light The Del Rays

CD 8
01 Katy-D Billy & The Jokers
02 Jugheads Flop-Eared Boogie Paul Helms & Jughead Godwin With Allen Brothers
03 Haunting Rhythm Romeo Sullivan & The Serenaders
04 Lonesome Tavern Blues Eddy Benson
05 How Come You Do Me? Junior Thompson
06 Who’s Knocking? Junior Thompson
07 You’ll Be The Last To Know Bobby Denton
08 The Rhubarbs) /Cadillac Cutie Doug Bowles (Voices
09 Treehouse Bob Alexander & The Coaxials
10 Shake Loose Doug Bowles
11 Come On Baby Leon Bass
12 Love-A-Rama Leon Bass
13 Topsy-Turvy Johnny Denton
14 Who Comes Around Bill Hayes With Lendon Smith
15 Blue Smoke Betty Marie & Bobolinks
16 Don’t Knock No More Johnny Cook & The Hy-Lites
17 Susie What You Said To Me Johnny Cook & The Solids
18 Ice Cold Baby Marlon ‘Madman’ Mitchell & Rocketeers
19 Bermuda Shorts Marlon ‘Madman’ Mitchell & Rocketeers
20 Shake It Over Sputnik Billy Hogan & The Twi-Lighters
21 The Weed Steve Purdy & The Studs
22 Hyannis Port Twist Steve Purdy & The Studs
23 I Cried Steve Purdy & The Studs
24 Johnny’s Steady Steve Purdy & The Studs
25 Hold Up The Outlaws
26 Alabama Boogie Hank Mathews
27 I Like To Go Floyd McDaniel
28 Just Benny And Me Danny Edwards
29 To The Woods By The Swuft Wolf The Shandells
30 Honey Tell Me Sid Miller

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