The story of the Memphis Tennessee-bred Johnny and Dorsey Burnette is available from numerous sources and this album mission is to pay tribute to them from their song-writing skills, and through other artists performing their song book. Their career is condensed into thirty chosen titles of which four are performances from the brothers together or solo. Appearing alongside the brothers are; Johnny Garner, Ricky Nelson, Jackie Walker, Little Tony and His Brothers, The Checkers, Sonny Anderson, Los Zodiac, Roy Brown, Kay Barry, Gene Vincent and many more artists of quality. A discography is within the eco-friendly sleeve which gives details about the songs and provides some supplementary information. The concept is brought to life by designer Urban Zotel and compiled and annotated by Dee Jay Mark Armstrong. Our albums have; stunning design, sleeve notes, twenty-eight songs, mastered for the best possible sound. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future!

01 Johnny Garner *Kiss Me Sweet (J&D Burnette) Imperial 1958

02 Sonny James * Pure Love (J Burnette) Capitol 1959

03 Ricky Nelson * Don’t Leave Me (J Burnette) Imperial 1959

04 Jackie Walker * Good, Good Feelin´ (J&D Burnette) Imperial 1958

05 Myron Lee * School’s Out (J&D Burnette) De-Fi 1962

06 The Keil Isles * Little Too Much (J Burnette) Zodiac Icon 1961

07 Frankie Lymon * Waitin’ In School (J&D Burnette) Roulette 1958

08 Roy Brown * Be My Love Tonight (J&D Burnette) Imperial 1959

09 Sonny Anderson * Yes I’m Gonna Love You (J&D Burnette) Imperial 1959

10 Tommy Maris * Gonna Be Loved By You (D Burnette) World Wide 1962

11 Bobby Jay * Sweet Little Stranger (D Burnette) Imperial 1959

12 Deane Hawley * Boss Man (D Burnette) Doré 1959

13 Los Zodiac * Bertha Lou (J Burnette and sold to J.S. Marascalco) Odeon 1963

14 Nick Venet * Honey Baby (J&D Burnette) Imperial 1958

15 Gene Vincent * I’ve Got To Get You Yet (J Burnette) Capitol 1959

16 Ricky Nelson * One Of These Mornings (D Burnette) Imperial 1959

17 Little Tony and His Brothers * Believe What You Say (J&D Burnette) Jugoton 1958

18 The Checkers * Blue Saturday (J Burnette) Skyla 1961

19 Sonny Anderson * Lonely Train (J&D Burnette) Imperial 1959

20 Roy Brown * Hip Shakin’ Baby (J&D Burnette) Imperial 1958

21 Bob Luman * Whenever You’re Ready (D Burnette) Imperial 1957

22 Jerry Lee Lewis * As Long As I Live (D Burnette) Sun 1961

23 Rick Nelson * Gypsy Woman (D Burnette, J Osborn) Decca 1963

24 Kay Barry * Here Comes That Feeling (D Burnette, J Osborn) Embassy 1962

25 Gene Vincent * My Heart (J Burnette) Capitol 1959

26 Johnny Burnette and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Trio * Lonesome Tears In My Eyes (J Burnette, D Burnette, P Burlison, A Mortimer) Coral 1957

27 Johnny Burnette with Eddie Cochran (guitar) * Me And The Bear (J Burnette) Freedom 1959

28 Dorsey Burnette * Let’s Fall In Love D Burnette) Abbot 1956

29 The Burnette Brothers * Warm Love (J& D Burnette) Freedom 1958

30 The Fendermen * Can’t You Wait (D Burnette) Soma 1961

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