Doo-wop is not just for Christmas. A genre often associated with the festive period at the tail end of every year, and synonymous with a picture book setting of Christmas given the radiating warmth of harmonious vocals encased in gold, and emanating from the voices of a truly gifted combo. A false representation however, because doo-wop is music fit for any occasion. Much more than the imaginative associations of a Christmas backdrop that, granted, doo-wop possesses the power to conjure such picturesque imagery, but on an entirely different trajectory doo-wop also has the ability to portray emotions where melancholy is present whether due to economic hardships or universal theme of relationship woes. It’s in these moments where we all feel something, and there is no genre better equipped with the right utensils (i.e. Vocals) to convey such emotions, in addition to providing solace from difficulties that life has a tendency to produce. Different in comparison with the wild shenanigans of rock ‘n’ roll, and different given the approach of this latest compilation series from the good folks at Koko Mojo, the genre of doo-wop makes numerous connections with the genre of blues during Blues Meets Doo Wop Volume 3

  1. Little Milton (w The Rockers) – I’m In Love (Campbell, Sain)
  2. The Dominoes – Have Mercy Baby (Ward, Marks)
  3. Chuck Berry (w The Moonglows) – Almost Grown (Berry)
  4. The Midnighters – Open Up Your Back Door (Baker)
  5. Elmore James and His Broomdusters – Good-Bye (James, Josea)
  6. Eugene Church – Geneva (Church)
  7. John Lee Hooker (w The Andantes) – She Shot Me Down (Hooker)
  8. Pearl Reaves (w The Conchords) – You Can’t Stay Here (Step It Up & Go) (Unknown)
  9. The Orioles – Baby Please Don’t Go (Strutt, Alexander)
  10. The Clovers – Easy Lovin’ (Stone)
  11. Jerry McCain – Twist “62” (McCain)
  12. The Five Echoes – Fool’s Prayer (Hunt)
  13. The Gales – My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble (Unknown)
  14. Jimmy Witherspoon (w The Lamplighters) – Just For You (Davis)
  15. The Four Duchess – Cry For Me Baby (London)
  16. Sonny Fishback – Gee Baby (Fishback)
  17. Ricky Allen (w The Elites) – Remember The Time (McAdoo)
  18. The Ravens – I Don’t Have to Ride No More (Sanford, Ricks)
  19. The Kidds – I Won’t Be Back (Lewis, Hanna, Ledbetter, Brown)
  20. Sonny Martin – How To Win Your Love (Martin)
  21. Albert King -This Funny Feeling (DeFreece, DeFreece, Fenner)
  22. The Robins – Framed (Lieber, Stoller)
  23. The Johnny Otis Show – In The Dark (Broonzy, Greene)
  24. Rosetta Howard – I Keep On Worrying (Howard)
  25. Alllen Bunn – My Kind Of Woman (Bunn)
  26. Detroit Junior – Too Poor (Emery Jr.)
  27. The Blue Notes Too Hot To Handle (Unknown)
  28. Roy Brown – Tired Of Being Alone (Brown, Cherry)
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