The Popcorn genre is a style of music and dancing first established in Belgium in the 1960s and it got its name from a discotheque called the Popcorn. This style includes a pretty eclectic and wide range of American of R&B and pop songs mostly recorded in the 1950s and mid-1960s in a slow or medium tempo and often in a minor key. Popcorn can be recognized by its tempo just as much as its sound.

01. Little Willie John – Fever (Davenport, Cooley) King 45-4935

02. Tennessee Ernie Ford – Sixteen Tons (Travis) Capitol F3262

03. J.J. Jones and Combo – Harlem Nocturne (Rogers, Hagen) Ebb 122

04. Joanie Sommers – Why Don’t You Do Right (McCoy) Warner Bros. 5177

05. Bobby Guy – Good enough (Woods, Kirkland) Apt 45-25052

06. Melvin Davis – Wedding Bells (Davis, Hamilton) Ke Ke 924G-1007

07. Kenny And Moe (The Blue Boys) – I Want To Love You (Ballard, Lucie, Pelham) Deluxe 6122

08. Les De Merle and His Band – Bulldozer (Glover) Tournament T-404

09. Lula Reed – Lovin’ (Thompson, Williams) Argo 5355

10. “Big” Buddy Lucas – I Can’t Go (Lucas) Caprice 120

11. Titus Turner – Coralee (Snelson) King 5140

12. Priscilla Bowman – Sugar Daddy (Bowman) Falcon 1008

13. Edgar Allen and The Po’ Boys – Panic Button (Cooper, Nitzsche) Rust 5053

14. Perry Como – Glendora (Stanley) RCA EPA 9623

15. Bobby Brookes – Little Girl (Is it True) (Karnegy, Clowney) RCA Victor EPA 4273

16. Danny Darrow – Impulse (Zinn) Strand 25031

17. Lefty (Guitar) Bates – Ninety Days (Bates, Elmer) Apex 951

18. Little Jimmy Ray – You Need To Fall In Love (Unknown) Gallant 1001

19. Sherri Taylor – He’s The One That Rings My Bell (Davis, Clark) Gloreco GL 1002

20. Bobby King – Thanks Mr Postman (Oliver, Thompson) Federal 45-12473

21. Barry White and The Atlantic’s – Tracy (All I Have Is You) (Carlton) Faro 613

22. The Clovers Featuring Buddy Bailey – One More Time (Come On) (Winley) Porwin 1001

23. Chance Halladay – 13 Women (Thompson) GNP 171x

24. Ben E. King – Don’t Play That Song (You Lied) (Nelson, Ertegun) Atco 45 6222

25. The Ray-O-Vacs – Besame Mucho (Kiss Me Much) (Velazquez, Skylar) Decca 48162

26. Etta James – Seven Day Fool (Davis) Argo 5402

27. Roy Hamilton – Earthquake (Hamilton, Barnes, Thomas) Epic 5-9538

28. Timi Yuro – I Ain’t Gonna Cry No More (Byers) Liberty 55519

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