The 5th box set from B Sharp visits the states of Virginia and West Virginia in this 5 CD box set and full colour 120 hardback book.  If you have the previous sets you will know what to expect, wild Rockabilly, crazy Rock n Roll and blasting instros.  All the previous sets have sold out and many people are trying to track them down.

These sets avoid the better know previously collected tracks and instead bring you unknown and super rare tracks.   Take a look at the track listing below and just note how many you actually know.  Now what is amazing about this sets is that the tracks are across the board of a high quality that makes you wonder how these have not been reissued before.

  1. The Reactors: She’s A Queen
  2. Big Al Waller: Roll Roll Train
  3. Hasil ‘Haze’ Adkins: The Blues Walked In
  4. Donna Darlene: You’re Not Doin’ Me Right
  5. Dusty Owens & His Rodeo Boys: Hey Honey
  6. Ray Anderson: Living Too Fast
  7. Abbie Neal & Her Ranch Girls: I’ll Take Back That Heartache
  8. Johnny Gravely – The Versitones: Daddy Should Know Better
  9. Jimmy Harold & The Star-Lites: Six Months In The County Jail
  10. Eddy Bailes: Tarzan
  11. Butch Lester: Rosie
  12. Butch Lester: The Car And Keys
  13. Paul Young & The Versa-Tones: Make Room For Tomorrow
  14. Ted Newton & The Tennessee Rhythm Boys: Save Me The Label
  15. George Curtus: Vacation
  16. George Curtus: Oh Happy Days
  17. Johnny Boni & His Combo: Ruby Baby
  18. Johnny Boni & His Triumphs: Train Rock
  19. Bob Varney & Stoney Mountain Playboys: Stoney Mt. Boogie
  20. Bobby Wayne & The Swing Trainers: Swing Train Twist
  21. Bobby Wayne & The Swing Trainers: Twistin’ Swing Train
  22. Tex Montana & His T.V. Cowboys: Devil Or An Angel
  23. Johnny Watson & His Night Owls: I’m Not Crazy
  24. Johnny Watson & His Night Owls: Let’s Rock
  25. The Hi-Tombs: Sweet Rockin’ Mama
  26. The Hi-Tombs: Weeping Willow Rock
  27. Connie Dycus: Jake Legged Preacher
  28. Jay Chevalier: Rockin Roll Angel

CD 2

  1. Buddy Watson With Tommy Riddle’s Band: If I Had A Woman
  2. Buddy Watson With Tommy Riddle’s Band: Too Young To Go Steady
  3. Jeanette And Hubert: Ain’t No Grave
  4. D.G. Williams & The Delta Raiders: Night Time Honk
  5. Keith Anderson & The Ohio ValleyBoys: Baby Gone Blues
  6. Dorse Lewis: Hot Rod Boogie
  7. Dorse Lewis: Mexican Twist
  8. Vandergrift Brothers & The Country Gentlemen: Sittin’ Here A-Crying
  9. Dale Brooks & Country Caravans: Ambridge Boogie
  10. Keith Anderson: Hot Guitars
  11. Dana Lee Lewis: A LotOf Lovin’
  12. Keith Anderson & The Western Gentlemen: I Need A Hit
  13. The Buccaneers: Oop Poo Pah Doo
  14. Keith Anderson & The Showmen: It’s Wrong For Loving You
  15. Country Tones: Tippy Tippy Tappin’
  16. Darnell Miller: Gettin’ Out Of The Woods
  17. Pete Martin & The Versatile Keys: You Can’t Take It
  18. Gene Simpson & The Rockbillies: Blue Baby Boogie
  19. Pete Peters & The Rhythmakers: Rockin’ N’ My Sweet Baby’s Arms
  20. Pete Peters & The Rhythmakers: Dizzy
  21. Ken Lightner & The Hay Ryders: The Corner Of Love
  22. Watson Mishoe With Kenny & The Klovers: She Told A Lie
  23. The Down Beats: Craig’s Crazy Boogie
  24. The Sportsters: Johnny’s Rip
  25. Earl Craig & The Down Beats: Saki Part 1
  26. Earl Craig & The Down Beats: Saki Part 2
  27. The Tempests: Midnight
  28. The Tempests: Count Down
  29. Earl Craig: Sunday Down South
  30. Jimmy Martin & The Montereys: The Bug
  31. Barry Stanley: It Don’t Pay

CD 3

  1. Rock-A-Teens: Woo-Hoo
  2. Toby Stroud & The Blue Mt. Boys: Jesse James
  3. Rhythm Kings: What’s Your Number, Drummer Boy
  4. Rhythm Kings: What’s Your Number, Drummer Boy (Instr.)
  5. Rudy Thacker’s String Busters: Guitar Shuffle Boogie
  6. Rudy Thacker’s String Busters: White Lightning
  7. Hardrock & The Rhythm Rockers: Whoo! I Mean Whee!
  8. Everett Pauley & The Swinging Drifters: Little Girl
  9. Floyd Fletcher: Move On Down The Track
  10. Floyd Fletcher: Daddy Sings The Blues
  11. Danial Bridges Blue Flames: Oh Happy Days (1st Version)
  12. Jimmy Hufton & His Hot Shots: Shiver And Shake
  13. Jimmy Hufton & His Hot Shots: Brown Eyed Beulah
  14. Jimmy Hufton & His Hot Shots: Cool Cats
  15. CarltonLink (The Fighting Fireman): Lovesick And Sorrow
  16. The Carter Kids: Gotta Rock
  17. Henry McPeak: I Feel Like Yelling
  18. Henry McPeak: When You Kissed Me
  19. Jack Kitchen With The Rock-A-Billies: Hot Rod Boogie
  20. Sebastian & The House Rockers: Nobody Can Do The Dog Like I Do
  21. Lancers: Trapped
  22. Pete Peters: Rocking Banjo
  23. J.C. Dalton: Lonesome Blues
  24. The Miller Brothers: Don’t Break My Heart
  25. The Miller Brothers: Jump Jack Jump
  26. The Dazzlers: Somethin Baby
  27. The Dazzlers: Gee Whiz
  28. Hender Saul: I Ain’t Gonna Rock-Tonite
  29. Hender Saul – Billy Foley: One Step Away

CD 4

  1. The Martin Brothers: Where Have You Been All Night
  2. The Martin Brothers: That Was Yesterday
  3. Leon & Carlos: Rock Everybody
  4. Leon & Carlos feat. Leon Woodward: Rock Run Blues
  5. Lonnie Irving: I Got Blues On My Mind
  6. Billy Barnette & The Searchers: Stomp, Shake And Twist
  7. Randy Spangler & The Country Kats: Rock’n Roll Baby
  8. Randy Spangler & The Country Kats: My Spanish Senorita
  9. Moon Mullins & His Night Raiders: Bip Bop Boom
  10. Moon Mullins & His Night Raiders: Rock And Roll Rhythm
  11. The Divots: Dry Cereal
  12. Troy Onteare: Love’s Secret Charms
  13. Troy Onteare: Marry The Money
  14. Donald Hanchey & The Marauders: Restricted
  15. The Temptations: Hey Bo-Diddley
  16. Jeanie Lee With Roy Ellis & His East Rockers: Tic-Toc-A-Boogie
  17. Pete Peters: I’ve Got That Blue And Rainy Day Feelin’
  18. Eddy Bailes & The Cadillac’s: The Dark Side Of The Moon
  19. Bunie Fitz With Richmonds Lil Waters Band: One More Chance
  20. Bunie Fitz With Richmonds Lil Waters Band: Just A Fool For You
  21. The Continental Five Richmonds Lil Waters Band: King Of Rocking Roll
  22. Orbits: Knock Her Down
  23. Nat Robertson: Country Boy
  24. Lady Nell With Sonny’s Nu Kat Orchestra: Loving Daddy
  25. Rockin’ Orbits: Oh! Where Can My Baby Be
  26. Wayne Busbice: Going Back To Dixie
  27. Pete Peters & his Rhythmakers: Wig-Walk
  28. Pete Peters & his Rhythmmakers: Fanny Brown
  29. The Lancers: My Little Girl

CD 5

  1. Plez Gary Mann: Cheer Me Up
  2. Plez Gary Mann: I Want To Be True
  3. Sue & Her Elm ValleyBoys: West Virginia Boogie
  4. J.C. Weaver: Free
  5. Ralph Johnson & The Hillbilly Show Boys: Henpecked Daddy
  6. Ralph Viar: When The Money Runs Out
  7. Individuals: I Want Love
  8. Phil Gray & His Go Boys: Pepper Hot Baby
  9. Phil Gray & His Go Boys: Bluest Boy In Town
  10. Gene Criss & The Hep Cats: Hep Cat Baby
  11. Gene Criss & The Hep Cats: I Don’t Know
  12. Ted Newton: Tennessee Rhythm
  13. Ted Newton: Walkin’ Down The Road
  14. Tony & Jackie Lamie With The Swing Kings: Sunset Blues
  15. Tony & Jackie Lamie With The Swing Kings: Wore To A Frazzel
  16. Sunshine Twins: Picture
  17. Doug Powell: The Lord Made A Woman
  18. Doug Powell: Jeannie With The Dark Blue Eyes
  19. Robert Williams & The Groovers: Cranberry Blues
  20. Robert Williams & The Groovers: Loud Mufflers
  21. Burrie Manso & The Bonnivilles: My Woman
  22. The Wild Ones: Listen To The Drums
  23. Carl E. Tyndall: Hillbilly Rock
  24. Larry Sanders: Ballad Of Daddy Cool
  25. Boots Collins: Mean
  26. Trail Blazers Vocal Ray Darden: Grandpa’s Rock
  27. Bill Davenport & his Circle D Ranch Hands: Rock And Roll With Mom And Dad
  28. Judy Lane & The Rumblers: Hard Headed Woman.


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