These great tunes are song titles sang with a bop, jive, stroll tempo, with an adult appeal and some craziness thrown in. The album is an all-around mixture of rockin’ styles crammed into a twenty-eight-song CD. You will pin your ears back to some rockabilly bop, pulsing rhythm & blues, and several neglected rock ‘n’ roll titles performed with a strolling or jive tempo.

01 Wayne Walker – Bo-Bo Ska Diddle Daddle

02 Wink Lewis & Buz Busby – Zzztt, Zzztt, Zzztt

03 “Mr. Goggle Eyes” – August Oh Ho Doodle Lu

04 Larry Birdsong – Scooter Poofin’

05 Bee Arnold – Plant You, Dig You Later

06 Wally Hughes – Pug Nose And Pony Tail

07 Earl Songer – Whoopie Baby

08 Gimicks – (Get Off My Tail You) Sneaky Snail

09 Rex Garvin – Emulsified

10 Choker Campbell – Walking On My Thin Sole Shoes

11 Billy Gallant – Scribbling On The Wall

12 Collins Kids – Beetle-Bug-Bop

13 Roy Hogsed – Let Your Pendulum Swing

14 Robin Dale – Big Steel Bucket

15 Metronomes – The Chickie-Goo

16 Bill Buchanan – The Thing

17 Falcons & Jimmie Miller – Du-Bi-A-Do

18 E. C. Beatty – Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

19 Jimmy Gordon – Buzzzzzz

20 Sheriff & The Ravels – Shombalor

21 Hollywood Chicks – Tossin’ A Ice Cube

22 Crew Cuts – Hey Stella! (Who Zat Down In Your Cellar)

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