All killer no filler Rock n Roll, Rockabilly and a bit of Teen with a Love and Marriage theme.

1          Sam Butera–   Love Charm

2          The Super-Phonics*–  Teenage Partner

3          Darrell Glenn–            Congratulations To Me

4          Dickie Podolor*–        I Love You Girl (And I Need You So)

5          Louis Prima–   Be Mine (Little Baby)

6          Dave Rich–     Tuggin’ On My Heart Strings

7          Dorsey Burnette–        Let’s Fall In Love

8          Benny England–         Eloping

9          Faron Young– Goin’ Steady

10        Marty Robbins–          Just Married

11        Bunny Paul–   We Wanted To Marry

12        Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps–        Wedding Bells (Are Breaking…)

13        Lonnie Barron (The Mississippi Farm Boy)*–            Teenage Queen

14        Jerry Wallace– With This Ring

15        Johnny Angel (8)–      Teenage Wedding

16        Hank Snow–   Honeymoon On A Rocketship

17        Bunny Paul–   Baby Sitters Blues

18        Bob Hicks And The Fendermen*–     Baby Sittin’ All The Time

19        Arthur Osbourne*–     Heartaches

20        Faron Young– Your Old Used To Be

21        The Moonlighters*–    Broken Heart

22        Jim Gray Orchestra* And The Missels–         Two Timer

23        Don Sessions– You’re A Cheater

24        Jackie O’Neal–            You Broke My Heart

25        Ronnie Wilson With Jerry Woodward -You Love That Guitar Better Than Me

26        Jerry Kennedy–           Teenage Love Is Misery

27        Don Gibson–   Won’t Cha Come Back To Me

28        Patsy Cline–    A Church, A Courtroom, Then Goodbye

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