The Woody Wagon series gives the opportunity to less known compositions or songs that were unnoticed by many. Centered in material recorded between the end of the 50s and the end of the 60s, without pretending when possible to fell into the same styles. These five volumes give room to rockabilly, country, rhythm and blues, early soul, garage, teen rock’n’roll…. Trying to please the buyer and wanting to amaze or get them interested in these sounds.

Side A:
A1 – The Shot Downs – Four inthe floor
A2 – The Chevrons – Good Good Lovin’
A3 – Ronnie Goode – Crazy Bait
A4 – The Rock Fellers – Orange Peel
A5 – Noel Deschamps – Pour le pie
A6 – Al Dean – Handman
A7 – Geo Lester – Cold Dark Night
A8 – Maylon Dewitt – Never, never

Side B:
B1 – Grady Lewis – Runaway Lover
B2 – Bill Vellin & the Shadows – What’ll I Do
B3 – Jimmy Witter & the Shadows – My King of Woman
B4 – Dickie Loader – Rocky Road Blues
B5 – The Bellmonts – Walk on Boy
B6 – Bobby Darin – Similau
B7 – The Brothers – Lazy Susan
B8 – The Bee Bops – Wanderling Blue
B9 – The Locos – Malagueña salerosa

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Format: Vinyl Album

All music: Rockabilly / Rock N Roll

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